National Adjunct Action Week Feb 23-27 2015 Calls Attention to Equity Issues

I’m wearing my A for Adjunct sticker –are you?

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With middle-class wages stagnating and the rich getting richer, income inequality has

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become a rallying cry for Democrats and Republicans alike. Reviving opportunity for all resonates with Americans who feel left out as growth picks up and the stock market reaches record highs, writes Keith Naughton, Lynn Doan, and Jeff Green.

More and more people are realizing the extent to which part-time, temporary workers are exploited at colleges and universities across the nation. The National Adjunct Action Day planned for February 25 is an effort by part-time (adjunct) faculty members to raise awareness of the rise of contingent (part-time) labor in academia.

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Don’t Forget The Databases: Librarians Go Gaga

Going Gaga in the Library

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While library research can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Students and faculty from the University of Washington’s Information School get their groove on in this 2010 parody video directed, edited, and produced by Sarah Wachter with lyrics by Sarah Wachter (compare to the original Lady Gaga song “Poker Face”).

Yes, librarians

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Cofer and Staples Discussion Questions

1. Staples’ essay was published in the mid-1980s and has since been widely anthologized. How do you account for its popularity? In your response, consider the way it is written, the points Staples has to make, and the essay’s relevance to today. Do you think this popularity is justified? Why or why not?

2. Rather than confront the fears and prejudices of the strangers they encounter, Staples and Cofer explains that they go out of the way to accommodate them. How do they do so? Why do they do so? How do you respond to their actions and motives?

3. Are there times that you have made a stranger uncomfortable because of the way you “alter space”? How did you respond? Alternatively, were there times you have judged others as threatening solely because of their appearance? Were your responses justified? Do you think people tend to mistrust one another based too much on appearance?