Lizard vs Modern Brain & Ancient Dilemmas

In her Op-Ed LA Times article “

Ancient brains, modern dilemmas:

writer K.C. Cole explains how “The human species is uniquely equipped to shoot itself in the foot.”

From the article:

“We have at least two brains working together, more or less. The ancient “reptilian” brain is fast, bossy, sure of itself and never shuts up. The modern brain, primarily the cortex, is reflective, slow, conflicted and often defers to its elder. In the time it takes the reflective brain to give you a long-winded lecture on the perils of sweet greasy food, the reptile has you on your second jelly doughnut.”

The question is, will you let the lizard brain keep you from getting the most out of your classes this semester? Or will you listen to your modern brain that can handle the complex problem of delayed gratification?