Beloved/Love Medicine/Ceremony: which novel would you choose for a summer read?

Which novel do you want to read this summer?

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko, author of the short story “Yellow Woman.” It’s about a young man who is half white and half Laguna Pueblo Native American and it integrates traditional stories, some poetry, and environmental issues related to nuclear war. First published in 1977.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich, author of the short story we are reading “The Red Convertible.” Set in the Dakotas from the early 1900s to mid 1980s, it’s about interrelated families of various mixes, mostly white and Native American (Ojibway). It’s almost like a collection of short stories except the stories are connected. First published in 1984.

Beloved by Toni Morrison is about an escaped slave, her life, and her family and the aftermath of slavery. It’s set mostly in Ohio in the years following the Civil War. First published in 1988.

Here’s the question: which would you prefer? Before you answer, I encourage you to learn more about the three novels.

1) we all read the same novel (which is your 1st & 2nd choice? why?)

2) half the class reads one novel, half the class reads another: you get to choose which of 2 novels (which 2 do you think we should read? why?)

3) one third of the class reads one novel, one third reads another, one third reads a third novel: you get to choose which of 3 novels (which would you choose to read? 1st & 2nd choice? why?)

All three novels are relatively easy to find new or used, on-line or in stores, or in local libraries. Please respond in the comments. If I get a chance, I may put a poll up here also so you can respond anonymously and you can see how other people are voting.