An Argument/Analysis Assignment For Book Clubs

In mid-October I took over two Ventura College writing classes. I think a syllabus is a contract between students and faculty so I was cautious about changing it. One I instituted requires the students to read a book and to respond to reading with more depth and complexity. They had an argument essay on the syllabus so I adapted that to this Book Club project I frequently assign. Here’s a link to the books the students could choose from. Because the assignment is a combination group and individual assignment, I require students to complete a process analysis to discuss how their group produced their essay.

During a class earlier in the week, students met with their book club to discuss the book, read over each other’s drafts, and develop a thesis with what I call the 4 Ts: Topic, ‘Tude, Telegraph, Tension.

During the second class this week, students will have two hours of class time to work together in groups to produce a 3-4 page essay which they will turn in with their own papers and drafts about the book as well as a process analysis.

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