Blog Action Day 2009: Change is in the air!

  Gwendolyn showing off her bikergo at Biketoberfest 2009Yesterday, October 15, 2009 was Blog Action Day and the theme for this year was Climate Change.

10,000 blogs signed up to participate: three of those were my blogs! Plus my students in two classes signed up and blogged today also on climate change. Addressing the issues behind climate change is certainly an idea I can get behind and support!

One of the real concrete actions you can do to prevent runaway climate change which will impact a great percentage of the world’s population which lives on the continental edges is to stop driving your vehicle and to use alternative transportation like public systems or to ride a bike.license-plates-global-warming

Oh but, bikes are too uncomfortable to ride? and you get oil on your clothes on your way to work? Well, check out my new bikergo–it’s the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on, the oily chain is covered, it’s easy to shift and it’s the most fun too! Check out the seat!

You can see my new bikergo at the next First Friday ArtRide Nov 6! Get your cape on and join us at the Artists Union Gallery on the Promenade at California Street. We meet at 5:30pm and ride at 6pm. Be sure to have a headlight and a blinking tail light because it’s going to be dark!