8 Tips for In-Class Writing Exams

It’s the limagesast day of finals at Ventura College! And in my classes, like many, there is a written final essay exam.

Last week, I substituted for another teacher who offered these tips to his students so I thought I’d pass them on here. These “Tips for Writing In-Class Essay Exams” are adapted from “A Student Guide to Writing at UCI” 9th ed. My comments are in italics.

1. Warm up beforehand: You will perform better after getting into the rhythm of writing. Write a note to a friend or freewrite about anything while you’re waiting for the exam to begin.

Before the essay part of the test, my students have short answer questions which also serve as a warm-up.

Free Writing by hand (instead of typing) can also warm up the creative side of the brain and connect your hands with your imagination.

Free Writing about the topic can also get your imagination going.

If you’re nervous about the exam, writing about it can help! Try writing a letter to a friend about your worries. Continue reading