#HarryPotter20: Must See Dance Video plus Photos of London’s Harry Potter World

For all you Harry Potter fans out there!

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Just in time for the 20th anniversary celebrations today of J.K. Rowling publishing the Harry Potter series of books, check out this very creative video that tracks the arc of the novels from beginning to end! And below, learn about why YOU should definitely check out “The Harry Potter Experience!”

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You Are Perfect As You Are AND You Could ALSO Use Some Improvement

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“You Are Perfect As You Are and You Could Use Some Improvement,” says Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.

Confused? It’s all about discrimination, and I say that discrimination has gotten a bad rap.

As a wine writer, I have a discriminating palate — without it, all wine would taste the same, right? I wouldn’t be able to discriminate or tell the difference between a good wine and a bad one, one that is worth $25 or $5, one that exhibits red or white stone fruit, cigar box or spice cabinet, herbal notes or floral ones.

We discriminate between colors of clothes choosing certain colors, textures, styles to go together.

And we have to discriminate in our writing about which word to use and how to spell it, where to use a comma, a colon, a semi-colon or a period and how to indicate what proofreading mark to use when and where:

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