Stress? Take Action! PS Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

some ideas on how to handle stress

art predator

Why stress?

It’s not like you have a ton of homework to write or grade (or maybe you like me do!)…

or a snake got loose in your house… (also like at my house this morning!),

but regardless, what good is stressing about it going to do?

As Yoda says, there is no try, only do.

So each day when I feel the stress and the anxiety rise, I calmly assess what I am doing and how and do my best with the least amount of stress as possible. I also recognize that I may have unrealiztc expectations about what I can accomplish in a limited amount of time. I make a cup of tea, I make a cup of coffee, and I get to work.

Maybe the video above by Prince EA will help you. It’s worth a watch. In it, he reminds us that stress is in our…

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