Alex Frankel reads in Ventura 5/8/14

Gwendolyn Alley’s Ventura College students will be reading in the open mic which follows Alex Frankel’s featured reading 730pm Thurs. May 8 at the EP Foster Library in Ventura. Join us!

art predator

This Thursday, May 8 poet Alex M. Frankel features at the EP Foster Library in the Topping Room at 7:30pm. Located at 651 E. Main Street in downtown Ventura, the free reading will be hosted by Dane Baylis and an open mic follows where I and many of my students will be reading from our class publication! Here’s another sample poem by Alex M. Frankel:
     Ode to 7-Eleven
How are you tonight, 7-Eleven? with your smell

of departure and annoyance, your white bread, your drain cleaners,

your puddings, your cockroaches fanning out over the parking lot

like glossy marzipan soldiers lugging fearsome shadows.

It must be lovely to watch for dawn

coming over the EverTrust Bank and the Chevron station,

it must be trying

for the lively man with the turban (sales associate #33323)

to hang out with the seven moving objects of the sky,


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