Directions for March 6, 2014 classes: Alley’s 1A

PLEASE POST on our classroom: MCW 211. Please spread the word that we are having class and it’s in the LAB POD C.

Dear colleagues* in English 1A Spring 2014 at Ventura College,

When Ventura College Executive Vice President Dr Patrick Jefferson invited me to attend the A2Mend Conference at the LAX Marriott Th March 6 and Fri March 7, I was thrilled and said yes—IF a sub would be provided for my classes. He assured me that my classes would have a sub, and that there was money to pay for a sub. However, when I asked my Dean, I was told no, there would be no sub.

I am still hoping that there will be a sub there for you. But I am also confident that YOU are here at VC to learn and grow. You don’t need a sub to tell you what to do, do you?

So I’ve decided that whether there is a sub there or not, I will give YOU ALL the directions I created for the sub.

Take your learning into your own hands! Take responsibility for your own learning! If you have questions, email me and I’ll try to answer them ASAP.

Directions for class today March 6 which will be held in POD C In the BEACH: Continue reading