Ventura College Essay Contest Entries Due 11/15/13

The Food and Film Festival, sponsored by the Holistic Health Club, was held the first two weeks of October. Last year, the English and Health Departments offered a “GMO Essay Contest” with Barnes and Noble gift cards given to the winners.  
Here is this year’s prompt:
We live in an era where people approach food in vastly different ways.  Some are vegans, others vegetarians, while still others call themselves omnivores.  In a well-researched essay, write about your approach to food and the ethical, social, dietary, and environmental concerns you think about when you decide what to eat. 
Each instructor will be able to submit two student essays. There is no minimum or maximum length.  First, second and third place winners will be awarded a Barnes and Noble gift card.  Essay entries must be turned in by Friday, November 15.
If you are one of my students, please get your entries to me THURSDAY NOVEMBER 14 in class OR put in my mailbox before NOON on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15. Some of you may want to consider whether your midterm essay on Rachel Carson might be a contender!