Is technology interfering with your family?

Please take this poll by one of my Fall 2013 students; it’s for her research paper so please help her out!

draftsof my life



I am looking for some feedback to help with my research… please take the pole (if I can figure it out) or respond to the questions below my commenting.

Thank you friends.


  1. How many hours a day do you spend using the cell phone, computer and television?
  2. What age were you when you first learned to use a smart phone or tablet?
  3. What is the youngest person you have seen operate a smart device?
  4. What’s your first reaction to being told you will not have access to any electronic devise for a night?
  5. Give 10 examples of items in your home you classify as “Tech”?
  6. Do you communicate differently via technical devises that you would in person? How?
  7. Give three examples of how technology has benefited your family.
  8. Give three examples of how technology has impacted your family in a negative way.

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