Poetry Pairs 2: 3:15 Poem & “Serenity” painting by Julieanne Case

Julieanne Case and I won an honorable mention for our collaboration. The show is up now and through Oct. 8 at the Ventura County Government Center and students can visit the show and write about it for extra credit or to help make up an absence.

art predator


2013 315 Experiment
Fri. Aug. 9, 2013 3:15am
Ventura CA

He was only spring.
He left his blue chair so soon.
His family weeps.

Garden seat in sun
waits for anyone with time
to sit for a spell.

The painting by Julieanne Case (click on the image to see it large then click back to get back here!) and the 3:15 experiment poem by me is currently on display at the Ventura County Government Center on Victoria and Telephone Road in a collaborative art exhibit. Our pieces are on the third floor by the elevator with good light so people can read the poems while waiting.

The opening reception was yesterday and we learned that we received an honorable mention for this submission. Yay!

We submitted five pieces to the show and three were selected: “Water Ballet” with a 3:15 poem, “Serenity” above, and one with calla lilies called “Plum…

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