Book Club: Review & Process Analysis

Review the book club teaching collective assignment here.

1. Draft a book review of your book club book.

This is not a report but an argument about the book. It needs a thesis, quotes, a conclusion, a sense of where you are going. You will get this back tonight. This is a draft of your TP#10 which is a review of your book which you will you with your group along with other materials to write a group book review during class on Nov. 1. Bring this draft and turn it in again on Thursday.

2. Draft your process analysis.

This should be 2-3 pages typed and is due Nov. 1 at the end of class. It should describe the process by which your group wrote and prepared your presentation, your blog, and your group review; you won’t finish writing this until after your finish your review. It should discuss what people did do, not what they didn’t do. Bring this draft to class on Thursday along with your revised process analysis. You can email it to yourself or use a thumb drive.

3. What is the problem that you want to work on and solve doing research this semester? Do you want to do something related to your book club book? Your major? Your life?


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