2012 Fall Fact or Fiction Teaching Collectives

English :: Ventura College Fall 2012 5 Units
Instructor Gwendolyn Alley gwendolynalley@yahoo.com

Students will be in a Teaching Collective to investigate and present to the class about one of the following statements (or one of your own with approval).

Fact or Fiction:  GMOs are dangerous; you should vote Yes on Prop 37. Why?
Book Club Book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Individual or group service learning and research projects could be related to Color Garden, community gardens, Prop 37. Contacts include Kendra Gonzales and John Wilner.
Fact or Fiction: You can “Do It Yourself” and make a difference. How? Where?
Book Club Book: Nowtopia by Chris Carlsson

Individual or group service learning projects could be related bicycles, permaculture, gardening, Occupy. Contacts include Lucas Thayer and Adrienne Prince.

Fact or Fiction: You can have a successful business and be sustainable. How?
Book Club Book: Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Contacts include Eric Werbalowsky and Michelle, owner of the Refill Shop

Fact or Fiction: The earth’s climate is changing due to anthropogenic causes. What to do?
Book Club Book: Field Notes to a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert

Contacts include Rachel Morris of VCCOOL.

Fact or Fiction: Americans are suffering from “Nature Deficit Disorder.” What to do?
Book Club Book: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Contacts include Lynne Okun of the ArtBarn.

Fact or Fiction: Nuclear power is safe. What to do?
Book Club Book: Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams

Contacts include Adrienne Prince of the Green Party.



With the assistance and direction of the instructor, students will form four groups with 4-5 students in each group based on mutual interest. Students will work in these groups during selected classes reading and responding to reading responses, developing the group blog, organizing the group presentation and argument, and writing the group book review. Students may need to meet outside of class as well and coordinate by email, phone, facebook, google docs, twitter etc.

Each “Teaching Collective” will select, research, organize, and present a class lecture/discussion related to a Fact or Fiction: Book Club Book. The collective will be graded collectively and be responsible to teach the class the assigned day in an organized, thoughtful, imaginative way.  Prepare for 45 minutes. You might bring in speakers, hold a debate, do a demonstration, etc. Use the group blog for your presentation. Post videos, slide shows, and other materials including your book review. Each group member is expected to contribute materials to the group blog on the topic including group posts and individual ones.

In edition to a title, each blog needs an about page with information about the blog and each author on it with links to the author’s blogs, a post or page from each group member, a post or page with a review of the book club book, plus at least 4 other posts or pages totaling 10 or more posts or pages. These 4 posts can be brief but should have 1-3 paragraphs (100 or more words).

Weeks 8-13
Fact or fiction BOOK Club: Group Research project & Teaching Collective

Tu            10/2            Establish and Meet Book Club Groups
Th            10/4           
Get going on your Book Club Book reading

Tu            10/9            MIDTERM know which book club book you’re reading (author, title)
Th             10/11
Read and Write TP #7 on first third of Book Club Book

Tu            10/16            DUE Reading on Writing #8; meet with your group TBA project time

Th            10/18            DUE TP #8 BCB second third; group project progress report & time

Tu            10/23            DUE Reading on Writing #9; limited class group time
Th            10/25            DUE TP #9 BCB final third; Group Presentations

Tu            10/30            DUE RonWriting #10; Group Presentations
Th            11/1            DUE TP #10;
DRAFT Book Review (individual)
In class write group book review



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