Welcome Fall Semester Students!

How can it be time for the fall semester to start when summer school was just over and grades just posted?

But it is time–fall semester at Ventura College starts August 16!

Unfortunately, a personal necessity is keeping me from the classroom. I have asked a counselor to step in for me to offer a personal welcome and a very valuable orientation from a counseling perspective. She will also give the students (you?) a link to this blog post to find the first assignment:  to read the first 50 sections of Seth Godin’s pdf “Stop Stealing Dreams.” The sections are short and read quickly. We will be reading the whole pdf.

My summer school students loved reading this and we started the semester with some very lively discussions based on the ideas. I also recommend watching this video.

PS Click on the colored text (turquoise) to get to the links and the Seth Godin pdf.