Our latest adventure: field trip to Ventura River and Art City. Next Tuesday we return to Art City for our end of session publication party!

Art City Studios, Ventura

Gwendolyn Alley’s Ventura College summer school 2012 writing students took a field trip to the Ventura River and Art City.

At the river, they learned about the Ventura River Parkway from Friends of the River and Sierra Club board member Jim Hines.

Then, because it was cold, loud, and windy at the river, we walked around the block to Art City where Paul and Russel et al made us feel at home. (Thanks!)

At Art City, Barbara Bain, an enrolled member of the Shasta tribe, discussed the issues of “blood quantum” and tribal lands with students. Students also checked out neighboring Patagonia headquarters and explored the grounds of Art City.

Thanks to an invitation from Paul Lindhard and support from Russel, students will return to Art City Tuesday July 31 at 6pm for an end of summer session celebration that will include a potluck, poetry, open mic, and music. Download…

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  1. I loved this trip that we took! Our guest speaker at the Art City was very thought provoking and made me really consider the truth behind what happen to the native people of this land. The history behind what truly happened is often sugar-coated to make USA seem less guilty but the truth is what happened was a terrible tragedy and debts are still left unpaid.

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