Adventures at VC: A Scavenger Hunt!

Alley’s Adventures in English at Ventura College (A Scavenger Hunt)

  1. Organize your time. Budget 2 hours. You will have the class period Tues. Feb. 28.
  2. After gathering information, work together to write and type a report.
  3. Make a copy of the report for each team member’s portfolio plus one for me.
  4. Written & Oral Report Due: Thursday March 1 in class.

TEAM BUILDING: Answer all.

Team name__________________________________________________

Team members_______________________________________________

Team slogan__________________________________________________

Team secret____________________________________________________

Analyze the process your team used to accomplish these tasks. Describe two ways your team worked well together. Describe two of the greatest challenges to the group and how you overcame them. Name three reasons why team building is a resource for students.

Describe how to get a library card. Document that each teammate has one.

Did you read and respond to Reading on Writing #7? (Due with responses 3/1/12.)

Did you exchange dental drafts with a partner and read and respond focusing on sentence style? (Finals, drafts, and comments from readers due 3/1/12.)

TIME Answer 4 of 5.

You have two hours between classes and you want to do the reading for class but you don’t have your book with you and no one from your team has one either. What can you do?

You’re broke and burnt out after midterms. You just want to rent a movie and zone out. Name a campus resource that can help you.  Can you rent any extra credit movies there?

Your computer crashed—but you emailed a draft of your paper to a teammate for feedback first. Describe two low/no cost options to get your paper done, printed and turned in available to every student.

Name three ways to manage your time better and two campus resources that can help you.

Name three alternative ways to get to campus. How do you figure out your best route?

$$$$$$$: Answer 2 of 4. Get 2 signatures.

You need money for books and tuition. Name three places on campus that you can get assistance in getting money to help. Collect materials from at least two source.

Name three programs that can help you get rich quick (well, ok, richer quicker), get rid of student loans, etc. Name your sources.

How can you figure out which career is for you? Where on campus can you get help and when? Describe 3 services here.

Name another “opportunity” for those eligible. Describe how eligibility is determined. Name three benefits of this “ed” “program.”  Describe eligibility.

HELP ME: Answer 4 of 7.  Get 2 signatures.

Someone in your team is struggling in school and might fail a class. Name two ways you can help him or her pass the class.

Take your team to the main place on campus where he or she can get academic assistance. Name the person in charge. Name 2 ways your teammate can get help with English. List the hours.

Struggling in school is really getting your teammate down—plus your teammate spends so much time tutoring and studying, his/her relationship is falling apart. Since you recognize that there’s only so much that a friend can do, where do you advise that your teammate get help? Describe how your teammate can get an appointment and how much it costs.

Ahhhhchoooo! One teammate keeps sneezing and another has a headache. Go to the place on campus where you can get what they need to get through the day. Get at least one item to help each person. Name one more service available here.

A teammate has confided that he or she suspects that he or she might be dyslexic. Describe dyslexia. Name the place on campus which helps identify learning disabilities. List hours. Go to this place and pick up a handout on learning channels for each team member.

You need academic advice. How do you go about getting it?

Name 5 extra credit activities for this class.

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