A Baker’s Dozen of the Most Popular Posts

Except for the home page (8, 470 page views), here are the top 13–a Baker’s Dozen–of the most popular posts in this blog along with their page views. Obviously, readers come here looking for texts and information about them. Click to read.

Brent Staples: “Black Men and Public Spa 6,638
“Little Things” aka “Popular Mechanics” 6,355
Go Forth: Walt Whitman, Levis, & Ellyn Maybe 4,252
Thoreau: where I lived and what I lived 1,293
2 Poems by Charles Bukowski: “Bluebird” 1,180
“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I 1,167
Silko’s Ceremony: Notes, Links, Question 926
ideas to consider while considering Ride 896
One Act Play: Riders to the Sea by JM Synge 759
John Muir’s “Hetch Hetchy Valley” 717
Nanao Sakaki: Breaks the Mirror 1923-2009 704
Miracle Glass: poem by Charles Simic 572
Austin Kleon’s Mind Map of John Berger 503

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