3 Steps to Take BEFORE You Start A Blog

So you want to start a blog for yourself, for business, or for school? Here’s 3 steps you should take BEFORE you register your blog.

Step 1: Gather materials

Gather materials for your new site. These may include written text documents, jpgs, youtube videos. Collect everything including links you think you might want to put on your website to tell the story you want to share.  If your blog is for a business, and you have a business plan, bring that.  I recommend you put everything you think you might use onto a portable drive. In particular, you’ll want a mission statement about your business or about the purpose of your blog plus a brief biographical statement about yourself written in third person (don’t use “I”).  If you already have a website, you will be able to get material from it (and link it to your blog). So you’ll want to drafts and bring these materials.

Step 2: Research your URL

Use Google and other search engines to see if anyone has “your” name and variations of it online.  As you search, note what else comes up.

Step 3: Go to http://wordpress.com

At WordPress.com, explore some of the “freshly pressed” sites.  Take a few notes on how they are organized.

–Which ones do you respond to positively?
–What don’t you like about some sites?
–Which names catch your attention?
–“Theme” names (at the bottom)

Learn more about blogging, social media and writing workshops by visiting the The Write Alley. We offer monthly workshops at Bell Arts Factory.

NOTE to my Ventura College English 2 Summer School students: Do the first three steps (gather materials, research and determine the name of your blog, look at some examples) by Tuesday June 29 when we will go to the lab to start our blogs.

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