Make a video about YOUR concerns about climate change

I received this email today from the Alliance for Climate Protection
& think making a video would be a great project for us all!
As the New Media Director here at the Alliance for Climate Protection,
I’ve been thrilled to see The Wall grow so rapidly over the last few weeks.

My team and I have been busy reviewing thousands of moving messages,
and I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our favorites,
and share with you why I’m so excited about this campaign.
Enjoy these, then add your own:

Watch Bill Nye.Watch Kaitlin.
Watch Daniel.Watch Gen. Steve Cheney
In the past few years, new online tools have revolutionized the way
that people can get involved in the world around them,
connect with the things they care about, and even
organize others to truly make a difference.
Of course, traditional media like TV and newspapers are still
an important way we communicate.  But most of us can’t just go on TV
or get published in the newspaper when we have something
that we want to say.That’s what makes The Wall so unique.

The Wall is powered by your support for clean energy and enabled by an
online platform that brings together your messages from across the country
in a powerful, visual display.

We then amplify your messages by putting them in mass media ads targeted
for your state or community.

These ads are uniquely positioned to have an impact on the elected leaders
who are deciding now how soon we’ll take action for clean energy and climate
in this country.

The Wall represents a resounding sense of urgency shared by diverse voices
from across the country.

It gives us the chance to organize and connect on clean energy and climate
in a whole new way.

As our leaders debate issues of Make  and scope related to clean energy policies,
The Wall is more important than ever to make our voices heard
in the fight for strong energy and climate policies.

Add your voice and grow a movement for clean energy that our leaders can’t ignore:

I look forward to your message and thank you for being a part of this exciting campaign.

Tim Fullerton
New Media Director

I hope you’ll go check it out! If you make and post a video, leave a comment below
so we can check it out!

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