Ventura Election Forum 10/21 Focuses on Green Issues

Many folks in the US have an election coming up on the first Tuesday of November–which is soon! I urge you to find out about local issues and participate! VCCOOL is sponsoring a forum tonight–I’ll be there at Bell Arts to listen and learn and to pass out flyers about the Nov 6 ArtRide and for the after party which will be held at Bell Arts!

The following post features excerpts from a recent newsletter put together by editor Rachel Morris. Read it here.

Ballot Measure Forum with Local Flair
Why is November 3 Important for the Environment, Public Transportation, and Social Justice?

Wednesday, October 21st
Bell Arts Factory
432 N Ventura Ave, Ventura 93001

Free / Bilingual

Join us for an Ventura-Avenue-Style forum on this year’s November ballot initiatives. VCCool and ASERT (Alliance for Sustainable and Equitable Regional Transportation) will be hosting this in-depth look at measures A, B, and C, with help from C4 Green Building Council, and CAUSE. We’ve worked hard to come up with an informed, gender-balanced panel that can go into detail on the pros and cons of each measure. There will also be time for written questions collected at the event.

As a special treat
Los Amigos band will be opening for us with beautiful Latin rhythms and guitar. Lalo’s, one of the Avenue’s best Mexican restaurants, is cooking up some tasty snacks. There will also be a Spanish/English interpreter available so that everyone feels welcome to participate.

VCCool’s 2009 Voter Guide

VCCool is taking a position on two of the three ballot measures this year. We feel it is important to weigh in from a healthy-climate point of view.

Yes on A
Support public transit with a half-cent general sales tax

VCCool is recommending a YES vote on measure A. We are deeply concerned about the impact of state budget cuts on local funding, particularly the 30% cut to Ventura County’s budget for public transportation.

Measure A is a half cent general sales tax for the city of Ventura. The tax expires in four years. Measure A’s Spending Plan includes money specifically for local public transportation. It also includes funds for local street repair improving conditions for cyclists, as well as funds for other core services in the city of Ventura.
Measure A – Full Text City of Ventura FAQ on Measure A

No on B
No to Sprawl. Support compact walkable, bike-friendly communities with public transit

VCCool is recommending a NO vote on November 3rd ballot measure B. VCCool is committed to a walkable and bike friendly community with affordable public transportation. A 26 foot height limitation prevents compact infill, effectively forcing Ventura’s future growth out as opposed to up. Denser residential development coupled with or adjacent to commercial trade locations optimizes space utilization, making it possible to walk, bike, and bus.
Measure B – Full Text

VCCool Supports SOAR

The VCCool Board has formally voted in support of SOAR’s mission and goals. SOAR (Save Open-Space and Agricultural Resources) is dedicated to protecting open space and agricultural lands by limiting urban sprawl. Careful city planning for compact walkable and bikeable communities is critical to lowering our carbon footprint. What many people don’t realize is that compact city design is also what makes public transit economically viable. We also believe having abundant local agriculture will become more and more important in the big picture of sustainability and a healthy climate.

To be on Ventura’s Global Warming email list, send a note to the with instructions to add you to the global warming e-mail list.Elec

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