Summer 2009 Final Projects and Due Dates

Dear students,

This is it–the home stretch! We’ve gone over each of these pieces in parts, but here is the whole. We will go over the in-class final with more specifics on Tuesday July 28; we will also go over the fallacies handout.


•    Group Research Blogs: Due Mon. July 27; meet at the Beach to go over them
Class time to work with your group Th. July 23 (plus Th. July 16)
Please leave a comment below on Thursday with a link to your blog so we can go see it over the weekend and leave comments!

•    IN CLASS GROUP PROJECT: Publication

Draft Due: Mon. July 27 Meet in the Beach; bring ideas for a title, cover art
Final and X# Copies Due: Tues. July 28 Meet by the Canon Copy Center (where you can make copies)

Minimum: 2 pages, 17 syllable haiku or American sentence per page. No maximum. Revise for publication something you’ve written this semester that you’d like to share: essay, reading response, event review, writing practice, creative writing, etc. Reading and publication party 730pm T. July 28 at the Artists Union Gallery. Friends and family welcome! If you read something you wrote at the open mic, you will not have to do two essays for the final exam, only one. If you write this up, it can count as one of your four literary events. We will decide on Monday how many we will make; bring $3 for binding.

•    FINAL Self-Assessment, Portfolio Due Weds. July 29

Portfolio review; Online and print. Will continue on Thursday. Your print portfolio should include your RAB, your self-assessment, all your written work with comments from readers and the instructor, plus revisions to total 25 double spaced typed pages (your five page paper plus revisions, selected lit events, reading responses, blog posts and pages, etc).

As you revise keep the following in mind:

Reading Responses are not just a summary of the reading. A reading response includes summary, analysis, response (your opinion), vocabulary words (either in context of the response or at the end), questions for discussion.

Reading Responses need at least ONE QUOTE from each text you discuss using MLA, and full MLA citations of each text at the end.

Final self-assessment. Reflect on the semester, what you achieved and learned; use these reflections to support your grade. What grade you think you’ve earned and why is the thesis. Include: Of what are you most proud with regards to your own effort and accomplishment in the course? How has the course changed your writing (Quality? Techniques? Attitudes?)? Your critical thinking skills? Your understanding and appreciation of literature?

–Productivity: 60% RRs, lit events, blog posts, etc

–Commitment, Participation, Teamwork: 20% attendance, preparedness

–Risks, Goals and Follow Through, Improvement: 20%

In the “Teamwork” section of your assessment credit your own contributions and please credit by name those in the course who contributed to your success this semester. Under improvement, discuss vocabulary and concepts you understand more deeply. Optional conferences can be scheduled after class T. 7/28, W. 7/29, and Th. 7/30; bring your portfolio and materials.

•    “My Top Ten Texts: RANKED ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY” Due Weds. July 29

Bring draft July 27 and 28. As you prepare your portfolio and final self-assessment, consider your Top Ten Texts and prepare a typed, ranked (1 being best), annotated (1-2 paragraph notes which support and explain your rankings), bibliography (complete bibliographic citations in MLA style). Which texts from this semester did you like best? Had the most impact? Why? Your annotations should support your rankings and include a few lines of summary with the occasional quote or key phrase. You may cut and paste from your reading responses but keep each annotation to one or two paragraphs of 3-5 lines each.

•    IN CLASS Final Exam: Bring BLUE BOOK and portfolio W. July 29 BEACH

You’ve done great work so far! Hang in there as we come around the bend toward the finish line!

best, gwendolyn

3 thoughts on “Summer 2009 Final Projects and Due Dates

  1. Ana and i are using Prosenpoetry as are blog for both are poetry and are research bolg. We will be doing both together. – Megan

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