If you want to meet with me to conference about your final grade, let me know. Get your research paper back, get feedback on your final projects, know where you stand and what you need to do to achieve the grade you desire. Bring your portfolio, your self assessment/argument for your grade, and your ranked annotated bibliography

I have time available to meet in the afternoon:

Tuesday 5/6 available 12-5,

Weds 5/7 in the library avail after 415 and/or in the evening
12 Brooke; 1220 Chelsea; 1240 Rajdeep (no show);
1p Monica; 130 Adrian; 150 Puneet (no show);
210 Hanna; 230 Shane; 250 Susan;
310 Jessica; 330 Neydi (CX); 350 Aaron; 415p Jennifer

Thursday 5/8 at Peet’s on Victoria near Telephone after 215p,
1p Robert; 130p Justin; 150 Tanya; 215 Brandi cx Lorena

Friday 5/9 in the library 12-330p
noon Eric; 1220 KM; 1240 Amanda;
1p Juliane; 120 Michael; 140 Mary Anne;
2p Mona; 220 Jennifer; 240 Rajdeep (RS);
3 Neydi (RS)

Comment or email me if you want to meet. Conferences are scheduled to last 20 minutes. I will email or call you (if you leave your number) to confirm.

Remember, no classes are scheduled to meet Weds. May 7; all finals are to keep to the schedule (posted on this blog). If a faculty member deviates from this, you have the right to ask them to follow the schedule or to bring this up with administrations. When someone changes the schedule to meet their needs, it often messes others up. I have been told we are required to give a final and meet during the final period

good luck on your finals!