Honor the Farm Music Festival

The Honor The Farm Music Festival
Sunday April 20th, 10am – 7pm
370 Baldwin Rd/Hwy 150
Ojai CA 93023

A day of music with:

Jonathan McEuen
one of the most exciting guitar player/singer/performers we’ve ever seen on
any stage . . .

Alan Thornhill

A festival favorite at Strawberry Music Festival, Winfield Festival and others.  One of life’s joys is hearing his beautiful voice and exquisite fingerstyle guitar playing.


Samba Da’
(fabulous 7 piece, rockin’ Brazillian band that’ll get you up & dancing!

Emy Reynolds
Winner of the Food For Thought, battle of the bands and since then, one of our favorite new discoveries, you have to see her

and more!!

The festival name celebrates the transformation of a former honor
farm/jail site into a thriving organic farm. The site also houses
community service organizations including Help of Ojai.   A portion of proceeds from ticket sales will go to Help of Ojai.

Get your tickets

Online at http://www.farmerandcook.com or at the gate.
or at the gate

$20 general admission (children 8 & under free)

$200 for 4 VIP section tickets – in special sectioned off area up front & center (we’ll only be selling a limited number of these – first come, first served)

VCCOOL April News & Earth Month info

This newsletter can also be read on line.


VCCool Newsletter April 15, 2008

Dear Climate Activists,

It’s an Earth Day event smorgasbord, so get your calendars out, air up your bike tires, find the bus schedule, and call your car-pool buddies! It’s time to meet, greet, and cool the heat.

VCCool will have a booth at two of the events – so see you there.

Also in this issue – important policy information.

-From the folks of VCCool

Mid Town – Earth Day Expo and Green Home and Garden Tour

http://www.vccool.org/newsletter/19_april_08/earth_day_08_poster_sm.jpgSaturday, April 19th, 2008
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
336 Sanjon Road, Ventura
Expo free – tour $10

Come out and see what your neighbors are doing to go green at home. The Midtown Ventura Community Council is sponsoring an Earth Day Expo and Green Home and Garden Tour. Visit the displays and pick up the map for the tour.

Updated Slide Show – An Inconvenient Truth

http://www.vccool.org/newsletter/19_april_08/inconvenient_truth.jpgSaturday, April 19th
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
EP Foster Library, Topping Room
651 E. Main St., Ventura

Gretchen Lewotsky “Climate Jedi” will be presenting this Climate Project presentation. Gretchen is one of 1,000 people who trained with Al Gore. The slide show has been updated with new information and facts about our local communities.

This event is sponsored by Jorgensen for Congress. Marta Jorgensen is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 24th District, and will also be at the event.

Earth Day in Santa Barbara – CEC Style

http://www.vccool.org/newsletter/19_april_08/cec_earthday.jpgSunday, April 20
10 am – 5:30 pm
Santa Barbara County Courthouse
1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara

Sponsored by
the Community Environmental Council

Highlights include:
Green Car Show and Advanced Transportation Marketplace, Energy Village, Environmental Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Live Music and Entertainment on the Solar-powered Stage, Free Bicycle Check-ups, Children’s Area, Ride Free on MTD.

Ventura College Earth Action Day

http://www.vccool.org/newsletter/19_april_08/vc_earthaction.jpgWednesday, April 23
10:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Ventura College
car parking is $1 on campus, bicycles free

VC’s second annual Earth Day is about ACTION–taking action, advocating action–with an emphasis on actions related to global warming.

The event features two stages of entertainment, a film series, booths, a program by EATM, music, singer/songwriters, poets, writers, clothing swap, alternative transportation info, and speakers. (A big thanks to Gwendolyn Alley and Elzbet Diaz de Leon!)

More information

Carl Morehouse:
Creating Sustainable Communities

(a Ventura College Earth Week event )

Thursday, April 24th
12:30 to 1:20 p.m.
SCI 352 (the Science Building), Ventura College Campus
Off Telegraph, Ventura

Carl Morehouse, Ventura City Council Member, previously Ventura’s Mayor, will speak on creating sustainable communities. This is an excellent opportunity to hear about city planning issues that affect Ventura citizens, and our ability to curb climate change.

Faith, Food, and Farming:
Presentation and Communal Supper

http://www.vccool.org/newsletter/19_april_08/green_lettering.jpgSaturday, April 26
1:30 – 5:30 p.m.
North Oxnard Methodist Church
1801 Joliet Place, Oxnard, 93030
$7 (no one turned away)

Presented by Progressive Christians Uniting

Environmental Justice:
Our Faith, Our Bodies, Our Neighbors, our Planet

How does what we eat really matter — and what does it really cost, now and in
the future? Join us for an afternoon of learning and action on the issues of how
our culture of food production and food choices impacts our bodies, our planet,
and our life together. Breakout sessions on organic farming, nutrition, farm
policy, and more. We’ll worship together and share a simple meal at 5 PM. Flyer


Californians for Solar and Clean Energy has just collected enough signatures to put the Solar and Clean Energy Act (SACE) on the California 2008 November ballot!

This act requires 50% of all electricity sold by California utilities after 2025 to be generated by clean, renewable sources including: solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, small hydro, and tidal. According to the group, “California’s major investor-owned utilities, as well as coal and nuclear interests have indicated they will vigorously oppose this ballot proposition.” press release,

Two More Green Events

Saturday, April 19th, 10 a.m. to Noon
Low Flow Irrigation practical workshop with John Lamar – 401 South Ventura Street, Ojai

Saturday, April 26, 3-7 pm
EcoLogic Life – green interior building store opens in Ojai – Refreshments and Harp Music Flyer

If you received this message from a friend, and you’d like to be on Ventura’s Global Warming email list, send a note to the action@vccool.org with instructions to add you to the global warming e-mail list.V

Tips on Writing a Publishable Letter to the Editor about an environmental problem

Take action or advocate an action! Write a letter to the editor for extra credit or to make-up an absence! Here are some tips how from the Earth Day Network News:

Tips on how to write your own Opinion Editorial or
Letter to the Editor and get it published!

Letters to the editor are an easy and effective way for us to voice our opinion to policy makers, corporations and the general public on the negative impacts of climate change. You can use letters to correct or interpret facts in response to inaccuracies, statements by corporations or government officials, to explain the connection between the news story and your priority issues, or to praise or criticize an article. The letters section is one of the most frequently read segments of newspapers.

Know your paper’s policy
Find out the newspaper’s policy for printing letters. Some have word limits and all require that you include your name, address and phone number. Your address and phone number will not be printed, but most publications will want to call you before they print your letter to confirm that you really did write the letter and that you want to have it published.

Keep it simple
Keep your points short and clear, and stick to one subject. If you focus on one specific issue, you’ll already have an edge on the writer who thinks they will be able to fill up their letter with a laundry list of details. Also, stick to commonly used terms and avoid jargon. Connect to basic values such as clean water and healthy communities.

Make your letter short
Make your first sentence short, compelling and catchy. Be direct and engaging. Try to hold each sentence to a minimum of 20 words. Your whole letter should ideally be a maximum of 150 words. No more than four paragraphs total, two paragraphs is best.

Get personal
Newspapers, at their core, are community entities. Editors will be much more likely to publish a letter, and the letter will have much more impact, if it demonstrates local relevance. The tips below are especially relevant if you are submitting a letter to the editor to your local paper.

Use local statistics. For example, a letter focusing on climate change should point out what is at stake in your local area.

Use personal stories. For example, if you or someone in your family relies on agriculture to make a living, for example, you should talk about your experience in a letter to the editor addressing your concerns about how climate change will affect the industry.

Use names to encourage action. If a letter to the editor mentions a Representative or Senator’s name, they will see it as their aides comb through all of the press in their district. They care about how they are being perceived in the district, and they will pay attention to a letter that asks them to take a specific action. You should also urge readers to support your position and to let their elected officials know their views<!– (please visit our resources page to see how to contact your local representative).–>

Use your credentials. If you have expertise in the area you are writing about, be sure to include that information even though it may not be printed in your letter.Y