E2: Earth Month posters & research project

English 2 Earth Action Day Service Learning Assignment

Due Monday 4/14 (guest Laynie Browne)
Draft of Earth Day Publicity Poster with a tip on “how to save the earth”; include citation for source of tip

Due Weds. 4/16 (no guest–library time)
1:15p Earth Action Day Planning Meeting
Final draft of Earth Day Publicity Poster
Research Paper Ideas Down draft: name a problem, reflect on possible solutions, advocate an action

Due Mon. 4/21 (guest Al Young)
Draft of Earth Day Info Poster: name problem, advocate action

Dues Weds. 4/23 (Earth Action Day; guest Brad Monsma)
As early as possible, post your poster so people will see it!
Research Paper Up Draft Due

Due Mon. 4/28
Dental draft research paper; library time

Due Weds. 4/30
Final draft research paper

One thought on “E2: Earth Month posters & research project

  1. hi gwen, it was fun running into you all today on the beach. hope you enjoyed the sunset too! it was so pretty.
    i just wanted to let you know i have my updated flyer up on my page. if you could let me know what you think that would be a great help. i’d like to post them tomorrow around vc, if i get your ‘ok’

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