Poetry Club Service Learning Project

Alley’s English 1B: Ventura College Spring 2008
POETRY CLUB & SERVICE LEARNING ASSIGNMENT: work due dates listed below

By Weds. April 2, choose one of the following to read in the coming weeks:

Laynie Browne, Daily Sonnets (2007) AND/OR The Scented Fox (2006) VISIT 4/14

Danika Dinsmore and Gwendolyn Alley, editors, Between Sleeps (2006)

Amalio Madueno Lost in the Chamiso (2006) VISIT 4/9

Maria Melendez, How Long She’ll Last in the World (2006)

nila northSun, love at gunpoint (2007)

Al Young The Sound of Dreams Remembered: Poems 1990-2000 (2002) VISIT 4/23

If you decide to change books, email me ASAP gwendolynalley@yahoo.com

Working alone, in pairs, or in groups of 3, prepare the following presentations:
1.    SHARE: Prepare to share copies and discuss one or two poems by your Poetry Club poet; consider choosing a poem related also to our environmental theme. Inc work cited

2.    INTRO: Prepare to share a 1-3 minute introduction of the poet. Inc sources.

3.    BROADSIDE: Prepare and distribute at least 10 copies on campus of a poem (preferably eco-themed) by “your” poet as a “broadside.” Include info about when the poet will be on campus if relevant and/or about Earth Action Day 4/23. Include a brief bio.  Include where the work came from. Seek the poet’s permission (by email).  Sample broadsides: http://www.broadsidedpress.org/ http://poetrysuperhighway.com/cobalt/broadsides.html

4.    POCKET POEM: Prepare and distribute at least 12 copies of a poem by any poet for “National Poem in Your Pocket;” consider choosing a poem with an eco-theme. More: http://www.nyc.gov/html/poem/html/home/home.shtml

WK 14    Mon    4/7

Read/respond to the following readings:; bring typed response to class
Hirsch “A Made Thing” (handout), Poetry Club book
Making of a Poem: The Villanelle (read 2 or more); The Elegy (read 2 or more)

Amalio Madueno broadside/poster due

Wed    4/9    Guest Poet Amalio Madueno; bio, poem/s presentations due
Making of a Poem Meter, Blank Verse (2 or more); The Stanza (2 or more)
Laynie Browne broadside/poster due

WK 15    Mon    4/14    Guest Poet Laynie Browne; bio, poem/s presentations due
Making of a Poem The Sonnet (read 2 or more); The Pastoral (read 2 or more)
Al Young broadside/poster due

Wed    4/16    National Poem in Your Pocket Project copies due
Remaining presentations/broadsides due
<Research Project Ideas Down Draft; final due W. 4/30>
Making of a Poem:  Open Forms & 2 or more poems

WK 16    Mon    4/21    Guest Poet Al Young, California State Poet Laureate
Making of a Poem your choice: read verse or shaping form & 2 poems

Wed    4/23    Earth Action Day: guest poets TBA
<Research Project Up draft due; final due W.  4/30>
Making of a Poem: read 2 more pastorals in honor of Earth Action Day

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