Poet & Performance Artist Pat Payne writes: uterine vinegar

Hello friends,

Come join me this weekend as I unveil ‘Uterine Vinegar & Other Stories,’ a series of humorous performance vignettes that confront the medical industry’s prejudices about mature women and their bodies. In the stories, a pair of sibling protagonists battle gynecologists, surgeons, self-help books, and feminist health centers,as they attempt to regain control of their reproductive organs. Although the subject matter is serious, the sisters’ decidedly offbeat approach to their medical problems is delivered with a healthy dose of sarcasm and macabre imagination. Bottles of uterine vinegar will, of course, be available for purchase at a modest price.

This STUDIO includes some of my favorite performers, dancers and troublemakers, so it will be well worth the trip downtown to see these folks do their thing. Hope you can make it…and please excuse any duplications – it just proves that fabulous people have fabulous friends in common.



Curated by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Lionel Popkin

March 8-9, 2008 | 8:30pm

Join us for the next installment of Studio, REDCAT’s ongoing performance series that brings together a fresh line-up of six L.A artists to launch new projects, investigate new forms and experiment with new ideas. This edition features a dynamic range of emerging and established artists in works that draw on opera,performance art, dance and theater.




English 2 paper extention

Today in English 2 we “unfinaled” the final draft and learned how to groove on life (see handout).

If you missed class today, what this means is you have until Monday 3/10 to continue revising your draft.  Bring all your drafts in!

I will bring copies of how to groove on life to the Planet Preservation meeting tomorrow if yo want one–or check Tanya’s blog–she’s been posting info about class!

when is beef green?

WHAT’S GREENER? Chicken or Beef? Or Vegetarian? Or Vegan?
There’s been lots of debate on our blog about how best to eat green and healthy. We recently shared some information on sustainable seafood – but we thought it was time to discuss eating meat – are some options better than others, if you do decide to eat meat? Where can you look for local, organic food? Is local always the right answer? Is is greener to be vegan than vegetarian? How have you convinced people to eat less meat? What other answers are you looking for from our green team about what’s on your plate? Check our blog at the end of the week for a response form our green team – but in the mean time post your perspective – and your best recipes athttp://www.liveearth.org/?p=352
(Planning some home improvements? Check out last week’s topic: What’s Greener? Paint or Wallpaper at http://www.liveearth.org/?p=350 )