A list of possible political actions for change

A friend of mine in the SF Bay Area is active in stopping some spraying in the area. While you probably are not likely to get involved, the info below serve as a model for activism.

From an email from Dr. Tara Levy, in response to a question about what a busy person could do to help:

There are lots of things one can do, with various time commitments. I’ll list below, in no particular order:
1. sign the petition — go to http://www.stopthespray. org.

2. Talk to your community — tell them to sign the petition and encourage them to get involved.

3. Attend a community meeting, to educate yourself about the issue. There are community meetings currently scheduled: Marin: March 3, 7 pm, Corte Madera Town Center, Ste. 201, Paradise/Tamalpais exit 101
El Sobrante: April 7, 7 pm, East Bay Waldorf School, 3800 Clark Road, Off San Pablo Dam Rd

4. Organize a community meeting! We have speakers, materials, and everything at the ready — we just need places to go! We’re currently working with a Mom in east Oakland, and would love contact in Emeryville, Alameda, Richmond, and other communities that haven’t been active yet in this effort. It is extremely important that we reach more of the disadvantaged populations, as they are some of those who could be most seriously impacted by the spraying.

5. Submit written comments for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by MARCH 20:
Jim Rains, Staff Environmental Scientist
CA Department of Food and Agriculture
Plant Health and Pest Prevention
1220 N. Street, Room A—316
Sacramento, CA 95814

6. Ask your State representatives to support proposed legislation to stop spraying without consent and to do whatever they can to stop the spraying.

7. As your Federal Representatives to rescind USDA funding for the $97 million program and to require USDA to use least-toxic pest control methods that protect human and environmental health.

8. Ask Governor Schwarzenegger & CDFA Secretary Kawamura to stop the spray program, protect the health of the public, and shift to sustainable methods of pest control

There are other things, always. We need help handing out fliers at farmers markets and community meetings, posting at schools and Mom’s groups, and basically informing the community.

Thanks for all your help, y’all!


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