Eco Films at Moorpark College 2/19

On February 19, 2008 in the Moorpark College Performing Arts Center at 7:00 PM the Year of the Environment Film Festival is pleased to present two films by Jan Cannon. See below for his bio and background information on his films.

Jan Cannon began his film career in South Florida in the early 1970s working on feature, commercial, documentary and industrial films. His primary experience was as a cameraperson and editor. While in Boston in the mid 1980s, working as an editor at Cinemagraphics/Video One and WGBH, he discovered pottery and pursued that as a studio artist for the next twenty years (

During that period he studied ceramics at the Radcliffe Pottery Studio in Somerville, MA, traveled extensively throughout Asia studying ceramics in China, Korea and Japan. He was an artist-in-residence in Calhoun College at Yale University and also head of the ceramics program at Creative Arts Workshop, also in New Haven, CT. In 1993 he established his pottery studio in Charlotte, Vermont. He has served on the board of directors for the Vermont Crafts Council, The FerrisburghArtisan’s Guild and the Shelburne Art Center.

In 2005, having become interested in sustainability issues, he decided to return to making films. Vermont was teeming with progressive ideas about sustainable living and he felt it was imperative that those voices be recorded. Observing that many people still didn’t understand that the earth’s resources were limited and that their over-consumption had seriously negative consequences he decided that he wanted to be more actively involved in working for positive change in the world, especially by promoting ideas of sustainable living.

As a studio artist he was primarily moved by beauty; as a filmmaker he is no differently motivated. For him the expression of beauty is the primary goal of his work.


RADICALLY simple (35 min.)

“RADICALLY simple”

“Jim Merkel is a fascinating figure–a kind of pied piper for a challenging but deeply seductive way of living. This film will stick in your mind and in your heart.” – Bill McKibben

“RADICALLY simple” presents the work of Jim Merkel, author of “Radical Simplicity” and the sustainability director at Dartmouth College. The film shows Merkel at work on his homestead as well as doing public presentations and leading workshops on footprinting, permaculture, money and other topics related to sustainability. (35 min.) 2006

“Marching for Action on Climate Change: Five Days AcrossVermont with Bill McKibben and Friends,” (55 min.)

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