English 2 2/10/08 class

Hi there English 2 bloggers!

I am so sorry to not be there again today, but I am still really sick, now with a sinus headache and likely infection. Ugh.

So you’ve probably figured out they’re not going to let you use our pod at the Beach and have found another place to work. I highly recommend you go to the computers in the library where the reference librarians can help you do a little nvestigating into the environmental problem/solution you want to do an ad campaign about.

I’ve heard from a few people and sounds great so far! If you haven’t let me know the topic you want to do your project on, please do so.

Don’t worry about the Brad Monsma reading which you don’t have yet; we’ll get to it later. For Weds, read the Erlich essay “Santa Rosa” which you already have. On Weds, I will pass out next Weds reading by Terry Tempest Williams (if you don’t have it already).

A reminder of what we’re working on now: an ad campaign about environmental issue, a persuasive writing assignment which was going to be a mostly in class activity related to our theme of environment and using critical thinking.

You should be figuring out:
–a specific environmental problem/s
–a specific solution
–a specific audience to convince
So not something big and vague like global warming but maybe an ad campagn to get college students to ride their bikes to campus once a week or whatever
You can work alone or with classmate/s, and you should be doing some research on the subject.

If you haven’t yet, please blog to let me know which problem/solution you’re interested in, and who you want to work with.

See you Weds!

PS you should check out the literary/cultural/eco events posted below; some are post but some are coming up. I will be posting more!


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