English 2 2/10/08 class

Hi there English 2 bloggers!

I am so sorry to not be there again today, but I am still really sick, now with a sinus headache and likely infection. Ugh.

So you’ve probably figured out they’re not going to let you use our pod at the Beach and have found another place to work. I highly recommend you go to the computers in the library where the reference librarians can help you do a little nvestigating into the environmental problem/solution you want to do an ad campaign about.

I’ve heard from a few people and sounds great so far! If you haven’t let me know the topic you want to do your project on, please do so.

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English 1B 2/10/08 class


Hi there,

Yep I’m feeling worse by the minute so good thing I didn’t try to come to class…so sorry, esp for those of you who traveled to school just for class.

But now that you’re there and checking your email and the blog, take advantage of the time to do a little research into either your ad campaign project or paper #1!

Ask the reference librarian for help. I strongly encourage you to work with classmates.

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still sick

Heads up–my cold turned into a sinus headache and likely a sinus infection which means I won’t be inflicting my sick self on you today in class.

I will email and post about assignments etc soon.  I re’d a few emails about ideas for the ad campaigns and writing projects–so far so good! Keep em coming! or post! or both!

And I will go visit your blogs, E2 students, so it’s a good chance to update them!

(amazing how enthusiastic and energetic n exclamation point is even if I’m not feeeling that way!)

more soon…