sick sick sick

cough sneeze honk

keep mucous home

watch here 4 more news


5 thoughts on “sick sick sick

  1. Sadly Im sick- but not the same way…
    Can’t make it to class- gone to the hospital… My right eye is really bad I cant see out of it…
    Please send me the assignments we need to do…

  2. i hope that you get better soon, i really like your class and i was really looking forward to going today. i had some problems though with last nights homework. i don’t have magazines and of the ones that i had i couldn’t find the same typres of advertisements. i dont know what to do! help please??

  3. Thanks so much, Breken.

    On the homework–you could go to an office waiting room and take mag ads or a nail salon? or look online. or one of the free periodicals that around in the newsstands like the Reporter etc. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  4. Apparently I am one of the students that didn’t check the blog today. I didn’t think that you would not show up today cause it seems like you are the type of a person that would say “the show must go on” , regardless ….hheheheh…I know how dedicated you a re with what you do.
    I showed up to class and to learn that you are sick…How awful. I hope you feel better. Take a lot of orange juice and water. Stay in bed…Rest! we need you! Take care…We’ll see you back soon!

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