1B class today W. 2/6/08

Hey There English 1B students!

So you probably got the message I’m sick and won’t be in to class today. Sorry–I hate missing class but didn’t want to be sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose on you.

The syllabus for today says, among other things, we’ll discuss short stories. I’d intended for us to do a close reading of “Red Convertible” and “Neighbors.”  There’s lots out there, esp on-line stuff on “Red Convertible.”  Some of the articles are better than others. You might check some of these out. There’s also a lot on both authors. I’ll see if I can get another post up with some links up for you that I was going to pass on in the coming weeks.

Today we were also going to start the “ad campaigns”–a persuasive writing  in class activity related to our theme of environment and using critical thinking. What I’m encouraging you to do today is to figure out:
–a specific environmental problem/s
–a specific solution
–a specific audience to convince

So not something big and vague like global warming but maybe an ad campagn to get college students to ride their bikes to campus once a week to reduce their carbon footprin or whatever. You can work alone or with classmate/s. This will give us a head start for Monday’s class.  You might even get a little research done on the subject.

Please email or comment below to let me know which problem/solution you’re interested in.

Monday’s reading by Gretel Erhlich “Santa Rosa” I passed out but not positive everyone picked up. The other reading by Brad Monsma I was to pass out today.  So we will put those readings off until Weds.

Instead, for Monday, read and respond to one or more of the assigned Carver readings for Weds. I’d esp like for you to read “Little Things,” and “Why Don’t You Dance;” be great if you read “What We Talk About” as well.  I will give you “The Bath” handout on Monday.

Your first paper isn’t due for another month but this is a great time to think about an literary or environmental problem you want to understand better (see the green sheet I passed out Monday). If you missed class on Monday, I can email it to you. Let  me know what your ideas are by email or by commenting below and I’ll email you back!

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see you next Monday. Since I don’t have everyone’s email, please share the info. I will post a version of this on the class blog.

best, gwendolyn

ps you can comment below about ad campaign and/or about your research paper