Focus the Nation; 2% solution

This week the staff/faculty Environmental Advocacy Group and the new student Plant Preservation Club are hosting a number of events about climate change. All are invited to join us in the Campus Center Fireside Lounge.
The events include:

Monday, January 28: Two showings of the “Inconvenient Truth”

11:30-12:50 and again from 1:30-3:00 (campus contact: Gwendolyn Alley)

Wednesday, January 30, 4:45-6:30pm: Live Webcast of the “2% solution”

(campus contact: Elzbet Diaz de Leon)
features – Stanford climate scientist Stephen Schneider, actor and clean energy advocate Edward Norton, green jobs pioneer Van Jones, and sustainability expert Hunter Lovins. see:

Thursday, January 31, Noon-3:00: Focus the Nation TEACH IN (campus contact: Steve Palladino)

12:00-12:30 Event introduction and “earth friendly” potluck lunch (see below for details)
12:30-1:00  FORUM “How will climate change affect Ventura?”
Steve Palladino, Ventura College – Climate change overview
Paul Jenkins, Surfider – Impact on watersheds and coastlines
Doug Fischer, CSU Northridge – Vegetation changes
Everyone – “What can we do?”
1:30-3:00 “Revolution Green”  DVD w/Willie Nelson (a documentary about biodiesel pioneers Bob and Kelly King).
See: with more information about Focus the Nation events that will take place at almost 1500 colleges/universitys/community groups on January 31st.

To participate in the potluck you’ll need to bring your own cup, plate, and flatware and a food item that is “earth friendly” (leave that last part up to you!) Love you have you and your students/co-workers/friends join us. If you want to be connected to our informal Environmental Advocacy Group, let me know and I’ll have you added to the email list.

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