words of writing wisdom from nila Northsun

My good friend nila tipped me about this video of Joy Harjo reading nila’s work:

Watch for a visit by nila to Ventura College this spring to read from her new book, Love at Gunpoint(RL Crow 2007).

Hmmn looks like I better figure out what’s wrong with the video or how I posted it!

In the meantime, here’s a classic poem of hers and an analysis of it:

the way & the way things are

1	gramma thinks about her grandchildren
	they're losing the ways
	don't know how to talk indian
4	don't understand me when
	i ask for tobacco
	don't know how to skin a rabbit
	sad sad
8	they're losing the ways
	but gramma
	you told your daughters
	marry white men
12	told them they would have
	nicer houses
	fancy cars
	pretty clothes
16	could live in the city
	gramma your daughters did
	they couldn't speak indian anymore
	how could we grandchildren learn
20	there are no rabbits to skin
	in the city
	we have no gramma there to
	teach us the ways
24	you were still on the reservation
	asking somebody anybody
	get me tobacco
		   		  	Nila NorthSun (1979)

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this blog is a place…

This blog is a place for students of writing to share whispered words of wisdom–not know it all shouts, or slashes of red pen.

This blog is a place to be thoughtful, caring, and considerate, a place to share what works for each of us as writers trying to change the world word by word.

Soon this place will be bubbling with activity and ideas so check back often–and bring words to share!